Practice Safe Sex And Reduce Std Exposure

According to experts, the best way to avoid getting STDs is to abstain from sex, but people are not willing to make that choice. Thanks to technology, experts around the world have come up with ways of reducing the chance of getting STDs.
The first step is to know your status and that of your partner. Lastly, you need to know more about condoms and safer sex. Below are tips of how to reduce chances of getting STDs.

Get Tested

It is important to know your STD status as an individual first and once you are in a relationship, you need to know that of your partner as well. If you are already in a relationship, it is important to get tested at the nearest clinic.
This helps to reduce chances of getting infected or even spreading STDs from one partner to another when engaging in sexual relations.

Use a Condom

A condom helps to act as a barrier not only to semen but also to STDs. Men and women have an option of putting a condom before engaging in sexual relations. You can purchase either a male or female condom from the nearest pharmacy or drugstore. Make a decision of always using a condom when engaging in sexual relations.

Practice a Monogamous Relationship

Every single day an individual gets up and takes a walk or drive to work or home or vacation which means they are bound to meet handsome men and beautiful women. Humans are social animals and they get attracted to people of the opposite sex. This can lead to multiple sexual relations. To reduce chances of getting STDs, it is wise to practice a monogamous relationship.

Below are adult activities that help to answer the sex urge and don’t involve fluid exchange.


Masturbation is a technique that involves an individual pleasuring themselves. This can be practiced by both men and women. Technology has created tools such as flesh-lights and dildos that enable individuals to pleasure themselves without the need of another partner. The best thing about masturbation is that no fluid exchange is involved.

Use of both male and female condoms

Partners can get to enjoy sex with each other and ensure no fluid is exchanged thanks to condoms. Male and female partners will wear their respective condoms before sexual contact and after the act, they will simply dispose of the condoms without any fluids coming into contact.

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